1. luukku

Arcane Dreams 

A winter’s cold hard embrace
Slowly turns to Christmas’ grace.
Bringing all the joy to world
    For one single moment
All wishes will be heard.

But is Christmas still magic
in a world that turned upside down?
When most people know
only how to frown.

The darkness edges closer,
You can feel it too.
But no storm lasts forever,
the skies will clear soon.
And when they do
  the stars will light my way.
    For I have loved too fondly
to only melt away.

Build me a snowman,
if you can.
Sing me a song of a better year
and take my hand.
    Steal a star from the sky,
and put it on a tree.
Maybe it’ll bring happiness
for all those who see.
Take what you need,
then give it back twice.
    And I will meet you
under the northern lights.

-Sanni Hyllinen