5. Luukku

There were two who equally walked upon forests they could call home. Walking, with no exact goal in their mind. Then the one with a rose petal asked why they never thought of others. ”They do not matter” answered the other one. When they finally arrived at the cliff which was their favourite place, they looked at the sunrise, beautiful as ever. Since they now knew the sun had come back, they were more comfortable to leave. They walked back like the trip had been something they really needed. He stumbled on a rock on the road but didn’t fall and could keep walking.

When the snow fell gently on his cheeks and on the tip of his nose, I couldn’t feel anything but the warm tickling inside me. The snowflake melting on his nose caused him to sneeze, which was the cutest sneeze I had heard. I asked him if we should go inside already, but he shook his head and fell on the ground and started to sway his arms on the ground creating a snow angel. I did the same as he did and looked at the cloudy sky above us. If it was wished enough, it could later turn into a beautiful night sky, where glittering stars would shine far, far away. Only the imagination could reach them, if we could never.

The next time the full moon felt bright. Our wish had come true. The sky was clearer than the glass we watched it through. Aurora was glimmering in all its lights: red, green, yellow, purple. But that also meant that the coldness around us would only become more severe. The rest of our time we could sit comfortably in front of the fire. Watching it flicker, cuddling each other to sleep. Under the woolly blankets we have sewn ourselves.

-Olivia Hehku